There’s no monthly bill

Monthly phone bills tie you down with recurring fees, without paying attention to how you use your phone. You’re left trying to keep track of your data, wondering where all the gigabytes went. Why even count gigabytes in the first place?

No more guesswork

For each app, you pay 25¢ to get a day’s worth of unlimited data. You know exactly how much you’re spending, exactly which apps are using data, and exactly when they’ll stop.

Straightforward pricing

It’s a quarter. Using an app on our 4G network is always 25¢. Calling and texting are each available for 25¢.

Save big every month

Typical carriers charge a flat rate regardless of how much data you use. See how much you can save by taking back control and only paying 25 cents per app, per day.

Free basics

Only pay for the features you choose to use. You won’t pay a cent for:

    • Incoming Calls and Texts
    • Data for Push Notifications
    • Apps used on WiFi
    • Apps used Offline

No data unless you say so

Traditionally, 30% of all cell phone data is consumed by apps running in the background without you ever knowing it. Lunar’s proprietary technology halts all of the phone’s background traffic until you give the okay—or until you connect to the coffee shop’s WiFi.

Your phone is smart, but you are smarter

Lunar lets you develop your own strategies to save big, like syncing maps to use offline, or downloading music or podcasts on WiFi ahead of your commute. There’s no wrong way to use Lunar, but there are infinite ways to save smart.

Your account in one simple app

Lunar’s app comes built into every phone, allowing you to easily add credit and manage your account without ever having to talk with someone.

Have a question?

Our 24/7 live chat is accessible directly online and on your device.

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