Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lunar work?

Lunar lets you pay-per-app to get the data you need without monthly charges. You can unlock any individual app on our 4G Network for just 25¢ a day. Once those 24 hours are up, you can unlock apps and services again at your convenience.

What apps are available?

All of them! You can download any of the Google Store’s over 3.5 million apps directly to your Lunar device.

I use a bunch of apps everyday. Would Lunar cost a lot for me?

Not necessarily. Not every app you use on Lunar will cost money. If you’re connected to WiFi—at home, at work or at a cafe—you can use any app online for free. Furthermore, any apps that don’t use or need network capabilities, such as utilities, games, and more, are also free on Lunar.

Each app presents a paywall when you try to take it onto 4G, so you’ll never unknowingly run up a tab. Think of it like this: you’ll only pay for apps that you choose to bring onto 4G that day.

How do calls and texts work?

Calling and texting are treated like any other app or service on Lunar. For 25¢, you can get 24 hours of unlimited calling or unlimited texting. Incoming calls and texts cost nothing.

What's your coverage like?

Great! We cover the entire United States including its territories. Check out our coverage map below:

Can I bring my own device?

No. Lunar’s capabilities need to be built into every phone we sell. That said, we have some great deals and discounts on our shop page.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yep! We have an easy step-by-step process in place so that you can transfer your phone number over straight from your Lunar phone.

Why don't you have iPhones?

Apple’s hardware is great, but its operating system and expandability options are very closed-off. Our phones are tweaked to allow users to specify which apps they want data for, a feature that doesn’t play nicely with iPhones. If you’re looking for a premium phone with comparable features, we carry the excellent Google Pixel phones.

I want to try out Lunar but I'm still not sure...

Totally understandable. We know that we’re presenting customers with something new. To make sure everyone can try Lunar, all of our devices come with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If you try Lunar and aren’t in love with our service or our phones, just send the phone back (in good condition) and you won’t pay a cent.

Still got questions?

Visit our support site for more information.